Would you buy this Bentley book for $250,000?

On its 100th birthday, Bentley wanted to offer something special to its fans: a book that costs $250,000. Yes, a big book in which all the history of the British luxury carmaker is written – since its inception in 1919 to this day. If you’re interested in reading the long, sparkling story, this book may be made for you.

There are at least 800 pages you must read if you buy the Bentley Centenary Book. It was divided into nine chapters which thoroughly explore the journey of the iconic brand.

Would you buy this Bentley book for $340,000?

Ralph Lauren fills in the introduction at the beginning of the book, after that you will find the chapters that tell about performance, styling, workmanship, and the company’s customers. You’re wrong if you think this book is light, it weighs about 30 kg and when you open it, it will stretch almost a meter across.

Bentley will release three versions of the book. The ‘basic’ version is priced at £3,000 pounds or around $5,100 and is limited to 500 copies. The same leather found on Bentley cars will bound the exterior of the book where the Bentley badge is slapped on. You’re free to choose any color you like.

Moving higher up the scale, the ‘Mulliner’ version will be limited to 100 copies, with each priced at £12,500 or about $21,400. You don’t pay more for nothing; you get 10 portraits measuring 20 to 24 inches with an iconic Bentley featured on each. In addition, you also get 56 watercolor paintings.

And we almost forgot to tell you about a section of the front-left tire of the Bentley Speed 8 that won the 2003 24 Hours of Le Mans – it’s also included. Moreover, there’s a chance that your Bentley car will be photographed for inclusion on special pages.

Would you buy this Bentley book for $340,000?

If you want the biggest one, the 30 kg Centenary Edition is your thing. Sporting 100 carats of diamonds, the top-end version is priced at a staggering £200,000. In other words, you pay around $254,555.

You’ll be one of only seven lucky buyers, though, if you decide to get the Centenary Edition. Because only seven copies of the ultra-expensive book will be made.

So, are you interested in getting one of these Bentley books? If yes, which version will you buy?

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