When discussing the top SEMA builds from the last few years, it becomes difficult to pick a clear favorite due to the fierce competition. However, one build that undoubtedly captures attention is the turbocharged Honda K24-powered Ferrari 308 by StanceWorks. This remarkable creation merges the potent performance of a Honda K24 engine with the timeless elegance of the Ferrari 308, resulting in an exceptional vehicle.

After several years in the making, the captivating build has been quietly progressing, and it was at SEMA 2022 that Mike Burroughs, the mastermind behind StanceWorks, unveiled the nearly complete car to the world. However, the journey doesn’t end there. Burroughs has even more audacious plans in store for this project.

He has decided to ship the car all the way to Sydney, Australia, where it will enter the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge in September. This daring move demonstrates Burroughs’ relentless pursuit of showcasing the turbocharged Honda K24-powered Ferrari 308 on a global stage.

If you’re not familiar with the build, let’s take a closer look. Originally, it all began with a 1981 Ferrari 308 GTBi sporting a vibrant banana-colored Giallo Fly exterior. The stock version of this US-spec carbureted 308 came equipped with a 2.9-liter V8 engine, producing 237 hp. However, when Ferrari made the transition from Webers to fuel injection, the power output took a hit, dropping to a meager 202 hp.

At first glance, swapping out the V8 for a 2.4-liter K24 Honda motor, which only offered a marginal increase of 3 hp, may seem questionable. However, there’s more to the story. The K24 engine boasts a significantly lighter weight, and Mike Burroughs had some ambitious tuning plans up his sleeve, making the Honda powerplant the superior choice for this project.

Within Burroughs’ ambitious plans for the build, he incorporated some remarkable modifications. One of the key additions was the installation of a Garrett turbocharger, which would harness the power produced by the engine. To handle this newfound power, a Quaife five-speed sequential transmission was integrated into the setup.

The culmination of these modifications resulted in what has been dubbed the Ferrari 244 GTK. Astonishingly, on a dynamometer, this beast has already demonstrated its prowess by registering over 800 hp at the wheels. However, the team at StanceWorks is not content with this achievement alone. Their sights are set on a monumental milestone: surpassing the 1,000 hp mark, pushing the boundaries even further.

Besides the remarkable engine modifications, the car has undergone a multitude of other enhancements. Notably, it showcases a set of exquisite five-spoke Rotiform wheels, complemented by H&R suspension components that enhance its handling capabilities. To ensure it possesses the necessary stopping power, AP brakes have been installed.

The car’s striking appearance is further accentuated by a substantial aero package, featuring a prominent splitter, wing, and diffuser, which undoubtedly caught the attention of onlookers at SEMA. However, the recent focus of the project has shifted towards more than just aesthetics.

Attention has been given to ensuring the car meets the stringent regulations of the World Time Attack GCG Open Class and possesses the performance and handling characteristics befitting a true race car. The aim is to not only look cool but also deliver a thrilling driving experience on the track.

The latest installment in the build series, showcased on StanceWorks’ YouTube channel, captures an exhilarating moment in the project’s journey. In this particular video, viewers are treated to the sight of the modified Ferrari 308 hitting the public roads for the first time since its remarkable transformation.

Behind the wheel, the mastermind himself, Mike Burroughs, takes a few laps around the vicinity of StanceWorks’ headquarters in California. While Burroughs humbly acknowledges that the drive may not be the most thrilling to watch, it undoubtedly holds immense significance for him as he gets to experience firsthand the realization of his own creation.

Excitement looms as viewers are encouraged to anticipate the next episode, where the StanceWorks crew will conduct a comprehensive high-speed shakedown test at the renowned Buttonwillow track.

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