Wider is Better, A Divo-Based Bugatti Dream Car

It looks like the news about the all-new Divo being the last Chiron-based Bugatti model isn’t true as suggested by more recent reports.

Some of those reports even claim that Bugatti still has plans to launch three new models. What’s even more surprising is that all of these models are said to have a better performance than the Divo.

Certainly, at this early point, the new Bugattis are still nowhere to be seen. But an Instagram user The Kyza has already imagined what an ultimate Bugatti could look like, and his render for it looks pretty stunning.

Based on the Divo, the ‘ultimate Bugatti’ sports a significantly different exterior. It wears a widebody kit with flared wheel arches. In addition, there are also a number of new aerodynamic components complementing the outside look.

The Bugatti massive horseshoe-shaped grille doesn’t go anywhere. Also retained is the gaping-wide air intakes. A carbon fiber front splitter can be spotted beneath the two aforementioned elements. The headlights would remind you of the ones found on the Aston Martin Vulcan.

The engine cover is just the same as before, and seems like this part doesn’t need a redesign anyway, since the Divo’s original hood looks already great. The rendering provides no view for the back, but if all you want to see is the rear wing, it’s quite visible from the front, with its bigger size.

In the end, only Bugatti knows what its future models will look like. One thing for sure is that they won’t resemble this cool rendering. You may think that their coming is a surprise, but if you remember, the Divo’s arrival was actually unexpected too.

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