When BMW Can’t Replace Jaguar, Gets Pushed Into River

When you’re given a nice gift.. a nice and expensive one, but it just doesn’t come from the brand you’re expecting for, what will be your response? Accepting it with a smile and gratitude, because you don’t need to pay anything for it? Or throwing it into a river instead, despite the high value of the gift? A 22-year-old Indian man apparently chose to do the later. He pushed a brand-new BMW into a river after he received it as a birthday gift.

According to Times of India, the man named Akash wanted a Jaguar. That’s what he hoped to receive on his birthday two months ago. However, a BMW 3 Series was what he got instead, which made him so angry that he deliberately put the $65,000 sedan into the Western Yamuna Canal.

“Akash was demanding for a Jaguar car from his father, but when his father failed to buy one (which costs around $92,000), he threw away his BMW in a fit of anger,” said a local police official. The 3 Series wasn’t bought with easy money. The man’s family had to sell the Toyota Innova “they had received from his in-laws to buy him the BMW”. But again, gratitude is really a matter of choice, except if what police says is true: that the parents claim Akash has an undisclosed mental health problem.

The man’s father, Sanjeev Kumar, said a different thing in defense of his son. According to him, the BMW 3 Series went to the river not due to his son being angry for not getting a Jaguar, but the young man was allegedly swerving to avoid an antelope that was standing in the way in the street, the publication reported.

A video from the scene shows that the car sank deep enough, with its bottom half submerged in the water, and there’s an attempt to evacuate it from the river by some people. In the end, since no complaints related to this incident were filled, nobody will be arrested by the police.

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