The Ford E-100 Van featured in the picture showcases the enchantment of combining classic cars with modern technology. Conductive Classics, an Idaho-based company, undertook a remarkable transformation by installing a Tesla-sourced powertrain in this iconic vehicle. The seamless integration of recent technology beneath its vintage exterior exemplifies a successful conversion, capturing the essence of automotive magic.

The pictured Ford E-100 Van hails from the final year of production in 1974, just before the introduction of the completely revamped third generation in 1975. Although it is an older model, the van’s overall condition is impressive, with a vibrant orange hue, well-maintained chromework, and striking black stripes. This well-preserved appearance provides an excellent foundation for further enhancements.

The van’s electric transformation commenced with the extraction of its combustion engine, paving the way for a Tesla Model 3 Long Range’s salvaged components. The van now boasts a floor-mounted battery pack, a single electric motor, and a rear suspension, all sourced from the totaled Model 3. The front wheels and brakes also come from the same vehicle, while a bespoke charging port resides next to the taillights, adding a unique touch to the conversion.

The specific details regarding the electromod’s specifications remain undisclosed by the company, but we can draw some inferences based on the powertrain’s source, the Model 3. Drawing comparisons to the pre-2020 Long Range model, which featured a 75 kWh battery pack, we anticipate a comparable range of 310-330 miles (500-530 km) as per EPA estimates. Additionally, the RWD variant of the electric motor delivered 283 hp.

Despite the brick-like aerodynamics of the Ford E-100 and the adoption of a used battery pack, it is possible that the electric van’s zero-emission range may be somewhat constrained, but not to a degree that detracts from the overall experience. Alongside its notably enhanced performance capabilities, the electrified variant of the van is poised to provide superior handling due to the incorporation of modern suspension, more robust brakes, and a lower center of gravity.

Conductive Classics, headquartered in Boise, Idaho, specializes in electromod projects, offering a base price from $45,000. In addition to their successful conversion of a 1974 Ford E-100 Van, their portfolio boasts the transformation of a 1964 Ford Galaxy and a 1958 Chevrolet Apache, showcasing their expertise in revamping classic vehicles with electrified adaptations.

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