What Inspires 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C8 Interior?

There’s a not-so-simple reason why the 2020 Corvette Stingray was one of the most anticipated cars this year. You know what? That’s because it was the first ever to use a mid-engine setup, something that is considered to overlap the modern tradition, thus many people were curious and wanted to see the form of General Motors’ courage in repopularizing the layout.

Although considered old-fashioned by some people, but mid-engine layout is still a very cool thing thanks to its rarity. In other words, it’s still desirable on the market. And the fact that the Corvette Stingray is priced under $60,000 makes it truly unique and interesting, even though its styling is a bit debatable. We don’t know what kind of idea that gives shape to the Stingray’s exterior, but we know why the interior looks like that.

The digital instrument cluster is not a new thing, nor is the large infotainment display. However, for a car to feature a big central separator is really something today – as if Chevy only cared about the driver and put aside the passenger. But apparently, this was done on purpose, which in a way follows the order dictated by the powerplant placement.

Gear Patrol got words from the Interior Design Manager for Chevrolet, Tristan Murphy, that a very low dash was what the American automaker wanted from the very beginning.

Accordin to Murphy, the main benefit of using a mid-engine layout is to give the driver “a much lower cowl”. There’s no need to “sit above the engine” anymore, “and you can get these really great sightlines”. This “amazing downvision” was the final goal when the company was building the sports car, combined with “this typical tall instrument panel”. Chevy believes this whole dash reconstruction can be a game changer, that’s why the “low and as thin as possible” look. It was actually a “mission” behind the Stingray’s development.

As Murphy and his team were thinking of a way to make the dashboard as low as possible while keeping the entire controls perfectly arranged, they found it impossible to keep all those controls in the center console, which would produce the result that is the opposite of what they wanted to achieve. Integrating things into the touchscreen wouldn’t do any good either.

So, here you see the best solution – a jet-cockpit-inspired cabin, that was what crossed their minds when they hit a dead end. Because, why not? Especially for a car as cool as the the 2020 Corvette Stingray.

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