Watch Mercedes-AMG GT Testing in Multiple Forms

Mercedes’ Clubsport Package for the AMG GT is under development, with the latest progress can be seen on a spy video here. The machine looks powerful and seems to have what it takes to be a proper track cruiser.

The video actually shows several variants of the AMG GT. Each of them can be identified by its front-end design. You can see some having double strakes in the corner air intakes. There’s also one that sports a sharp-edged element in each of these intakes. Yet another model looks even more menacing with a canard on the side of the fascia. One of these cars also features ventilated front fenders.

Mercedes has updated styling for the GT in the pipeline, and it’s possible that these various front fascia designs designate different trim levels. In addition, Mercedes might be assessing the most suitable layout to be used on the Nürburgring, which should produce the best aerodynamics and powertrain cooling at the same time.

The Clubsport Package will reportedly be lighter compared to the outgoing GT R, and we suspect the diet will result in a less luxurious cabin. Output generated by the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine will likely be close to 600 HP. As a lighter and more powerful model, the upcoming AMG GT R Clubsport Package is described as “more of a track day version, for fun on circuits”.

Wait for the Clubsport Package to be released next year. But before that, appease your curiosity a little bit by watching the following spy video.

YouTube video link: Automotive Mike

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