Watch Insanely Powerful 1,600-Hp Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk3 in Action

In the world of tuning, there’s almost no limit to what one can accomplish. As long as there are a lot of cash and determination, even a normal family car can be modified to the moon, eventually leaving supercars in the dust.

Imagine having 700 or 800 hp in a weak-looking machine, you can surprise many motorheads out there. Even more so if you have this kind of Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk3 whose engine crams 1,600 hp, your heart might jump out of your chest when you hit the throttle.

Watch Insanely Powerful 1,600-Hp Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk3 in Action

This GTI is a homebuilt monster with a pair of VR6 engines – one driving each axle, hence the reason it’s called the VR12. And as we said before, the car packs massive amount of power, with each of its turbocharged motor contributing more than 720 hp.

Together, they’re said to make almost 1,600 hp. Each of the VR6 unit is equipped with a separate gearbox and ECU, in addition to separate handbrake and gearshift inside the cockpit. A homemade rig is used to connect the shifters.

But as always, big power doesn’t have much meaning without some really nice drag times to prove that the car isn’t only good at screaming. That’s what you’re about to watch. 1320Video shows in its video that the Golf GTI Mk3 is a really capable machine.

Watch Insanely Powerful 1,600-Hp Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk3 in Action

It did several runs and managed to reach a best quarter-mile time of 9.06 seconds, although that didn’t happen until the car heated up its front and rear tires with burnouts. It seemed like the GTI had a little trouble putting down its immense power in fourth gear, prompting the owner to do acceleration in a less forceful way.

As the owner doesn’t seem to care much about visual changes, the GTI is left in a mostly stock appearance, except for its fender flares that have been modified, as well as the fitting of weightier wheels and wide drag racing slicks. Lastly, it’s worth noting that the Golf is a work in progress, so there’s a chance it will become more insane than this.

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