Watch Bugatti Veyron Testing Top Speed on Autobahn

The Bugatti Veyron is a car that is exciting to drive, especially if speed is what you are looking for. You will always want more, but the car can always give more. That’s since the Veyron’s top speed is pretty much unreachable even for most Bugatti owners. There’s simply not sufficient space to test the true speed of the car.

One of the owners who is curious about the Veyron’s upper limits is Radim Passer. It takes a lot of planning, multiple acceleration attempts that are not fast enough, and some recalibration with his Veyron, before Radim eventually reached his goal of hitting a ludicrous 250 mph. That’s really close to the beast’s tested 254.04 mph maximum speed.

Radim and his crew needed to find a suitable road for the run, which led them to Autobahn in Germany. Legality is not a problem there as the zones are unrestricted, allowing for unblocked progress. As we all know, there aren’t many places where one can drive his car at insane speed on a public road, but in Germany it is doable.

To ensure that the roadway is as empty as possible from traffic, proper scheduling needs to be done. And a state holiday was chosen as the right time. Early in that morning Radim and his team left for the location, which at that time was still deserted of traffic. There was no problem with the road at all. The only problem was the Veyron itself, whose top speed mode remained locked over a few runs, making Radim a little confused as to what happened.

Radim stopped the attempt and asked the experts at Bugatti HQ about this. It was finally discovered that the ambient temperature was not high enough to allow the Veyron to reach its top speed safely. The second attempt was planned with weather aspects taken into account. But once again Radim failed to persuade his car to unleash its full power. The Veyron detected enough temperature this time, but it still kept the top speed mode locked. Another consultation with Bugatti revealed that the car’s gearbox was actually due for replacement. So the Veyron was not in top condition.

After the gearbox and tires were replaced, and Bugatti gave a thumbs up to the car, a fresh new run was made on a straight 10 km stretch of Autobahn. The car hit 390 km/h on the first run, according to the speedometer. However, the GPS consistently showed a figure above 400 km/h. Eventually, the highest speed reached was 402.5 km/h.

Although such an adventure can be fun for a Veyron owner to explore the full potential of his car, the fact that it was done on a public road should make you a little cringe. The planning was great in helping minimize traffic. But if you have cash to buy a Veyron, you should rent a runway instead of using a public road and put other motorists at risk.

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