Watch 2020 BMW M3 G80 Performing at the Nurburgring

Prior to the reveal of the BMW Concept 4 earlier this month, multiple renderings have surfaced on the net, suggesting that the upcoming M3 and M4 would sport massive kidney grilles. It was quite unbelievable at the beginning, until this new spy video of the G80 M3 pops up.

Rather than reflecting the amount of air needed by the engine, it seems that the giant grille has more to do with the company’s attempt to give extra premium impression through an imposing size. In other words, bigger is better here. At least, the same perspective is shared by some other automakers, not just BMW.

The BMW G80 M3 in this video boasts twin kidney grilles that are about twice as tall as the ones found on the regular 3 Series. They stretch across the bumper, reaching the spoiler area. Other than that, everything looks quite normal, even though those beefier fenders actually also steal some of our attention.

It has been confirmed that the M3 will feature all-wheel drive which can be standard or optional depending on the model chosen by the buyer. The power is no secret too, and just like the X3 M, the car will make 473 and 503 hp. Combining those figures with optimal traction will result in a fun and enjoyable car. But to give purists an option they can choose, BMW will also offer the M3 Pure that makes 454 hp and uses a manual transmission.

According to BMW M boss Markus Flasch, the drivetrain will be “very similar” to that of M5, since its all-wheel-drive system is also compatible with the M3. In addition, RWD versions are also doable, as well as the “purer ones” and ones that come with a stick shift.

The G80 M3 is built to rival the likes of the Mercedes-AMG C63 and Alfa Romeo Giulia QV, whose output is the same 503 hp. As for the Audi RS4 and RS5, they’re unlikely to be able to compete with these beasts until they enter the next generation.

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