Volkswagen Self-Parking Cars Launching in 2020

In an attempt to cut the parking time spent by its customers, Volkswagen is honing a self-parking technology which is planned to go into production in the next few years.

The carmaker has borrowed an enclosed section of a parking garage in the Hamburg Airport in Germany to hone the self-parking system with some test cars.

The company is expecting the technology’s development to be completed by 2020, thus by that year every new car from VW Group can benefit from self-parking ability.

VW Group’s CDO Johann Jungwirth claimed that the parking-space-finding activity in urban areas has been taking “around 30%” of the people’s driving time. When totaled, it’s like more than 100 hours spent every year just to find an empty parking spot for a vehicle.

That’s why the German company thinks autonomous parking can be a game changer that will contribute to “creating convenient, stress-free mobility” for its customers.

A private section of an Hamburg Airport’s parking garage is choosen as the first-stage testing place to avoid any accidents as Volkswagen cars perform numerous parking maneuvers.

In the second stage, the testing area will be expanded to the public section of the garage to see how well the self-parking cars respond to the other cars’ movements and pedestrians.

Eventually, when the cars are ready, VW will let them perform autonomous-parking in any public parking place.