Uniti One Scoops Up $60 Million Pre-Orders

For a well-known electric automaker like Tesla, getting $60 million-worth pre-orders may not seem like a big thing. It becomes an outstanding accomplishment, however, when the one scoring that number is a group of Swedish students at Lund University.

Uniti, that’s what their automobile startup is called, has seen a huge response to its small experiment which was conducted to test the level of public interest in its electric car. The startup’s CMO, Robin Eriksson, said Uniti is currently working hard with its partners to scale up production in accordance with the market demands.

As many people are still reluctant to buy an electric car due to its costly battery and the range anxiety that it brings, Uniti is trying to offer those sceptics a safe place to start by introducing its much affordable, two-seater electric car that is suitable for in-city travel.

The small Uniti One will cost just above $17,000 after European taxes. The lightweight vehicle is strictly designed to achieve maximum energy efficiency, which enables it to offer a targeted 150-300 km range on a single charge without the need of replacing its battery with the heavier, more expensive one.

The Uniti One is expected to launch next year with a 22 kWh battery and a pair of electric motor pumping out 40 HP. The car can accelerate to 50 mph in 3.5 seconds and eventually reach a top speed of 80 mph. It weighs about 990 lbs and is made of recyclable carbon fiber and organic composite materials to make it more environmental friendly.

If you’ve never seen the Uniti One in action, you can check out the video below: