For creative people, there are always ways to improvise in anything, including car customization. We don’t talk about more horsepower or faster acceleration, though. Rather, it’s about the exterior look. What DipYourCar does on YouTube is a good example of it. They show us how a regular a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X can become incredibly attractive with a “Rainbow Unicorn Pearl 11”.

Fonzie, the host of the video, got a jar of paint in the mail that was labeled “Rainbow Unicorn Pearl 11”. The person who sent it said that the paint was very concentrated and only a small amount (0.176 to 0.353 oz) was needed to mix with a gallon of clear coat. The person also said that the paint would look more colorful on a black background.

The chameleon paint gave the Lancer Evo a new look that was very bright and colorful. The sparkles in the paint were more visible up close than from a distance, but that also made it more interesting. It looked like a normal car until the light shone on it and revealed its rainbow colors. The car’s color shifts between green and blue, with some purple flashes now and then, depending on how the light hits it.

Fonzie visited the official website of the “Rainbow Unicorn Pearl 11” paint and learned some interesting facts about it. The paint is described as a gold-green-blue holographic chameleon paint that resists UV rays and can be used over any color because it’s made of pearl.

The product has different prices depending on the amount of paint you want. You can buy one gram for $11.99, which can make 13oz of paint, or five grams for $34.99, which can make 64oz. If you want more, you can get 25 grams for $173.99. You can also choose the same paint without the holographic effect for the same price.

The cost of a chameleon paint job varies depending on the quality of the work and the materials. Some paints last longer in sunlight while others fade quickly. A Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R owner in Australia spent about $40,440 to get a stunning color-changing paint job on his JDM legend, using 6.3 gallons of paint for the project.

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