Unfortunate Tesla Hits Wall and Entered Pool

A Tesla gave a morning surprise to a family by entering the pool in the backyard. The car smashed a wall and plunged into the water. While there were no serious injuries that occurred, an insurance agent will surely demand a lot of answers regarding the accident.

The disaster happened last Friday before 9 AM when Joe Papineau heard a loud crash “like a bomb” explosion. It was like the “worst nightmare” for him when he checked the window and saw a dark blue Tesla smashing through his wall and crashing into the pool in his backyard.

Looks like the car was going a little too fast. It failed to slow down in the curve by 35th and Beardsley Road, slightly north of Glendale, Arizona, and went off track. The car destroyed the wall and flew into the pool, Papineau said to AZFamily news station.

When Joe arrived at the pool, the driver had crawled out of the car window. He hopped into the pool and helped the driver exit the water. The entire pool area was recently renovated, but now Joe has to deal with a lot of cleaning.  The Tesla was a total wreck after the accident, but the driver, who was alone in the vehicle, only suffered minor injuries.

The accident is under investigation by the authorities. However, initial reports indicate that the Tesla driver was going south on 35th Street when another car crossed his path. The car made him change direction quickly, but he couldn’t keep his balance, broke the concrete wall, and fell into the pool.

The car was finally rescued from the pool by a tow truck that reached the scene. The first attempt to drag the vehicle out was a bust, though. The pool also calls for a new deck now. And last but not least, apparently this proves that Joe’s pool isn’t really a safe place to swim.

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