Two Tesla Model S ‘Plaid’ Prototypes Hit Nurburgring

Some problem last month had made Tesla busy and forced it to stop running around the Nurburgring. But the EV maker has promised to come back, and yes it did, this time not just with one car, but two. Notable Nurburgring Nordschleife spy Automotive Mike was lucky enough to get the footage of a couple of Model S cars that look similar but a little different.

The two machines were spotted performing around the track in what appears to be a benchmark fight between them. It has been confirmed that these cars are ‘Plaid’ prototypes that were reportedly put through their paces on the famous “Green Hell”. When you look closer, you will know that they differ not only in color, but apparently also in under-skin-equipment. As you may notice, the blue Model S sports a Dual Motor badge on the rear while the red one has a P100D+ badge.

Fender flares are widened on the blue car and it also wears performance wheels and tires, in addition to a big rear diffuser. A similar configuration can be seen on the red Model S, although it doesn’t come with the diffuser. But it has been outfitted with seven seats now, and both vehicles were spotted to feature rollcages. In terms of performance, it’s believed that the two are different, too.

About a week ago, the blue unit has already done some initial laps. It’s the Model S that unofficially beat the all-electric Porsche Taycan‘s time on the circuit by a couple of seconds. And even more impressive, the red variant managed to cut an overwhelming 20 seconds off the time recorded by the Porsche.

Apparently, recent setbacks won’t stop Tesla from further improving its cars for track use. It has given its Model S stickier tires and aerodynamic changes. The production-ready ‘Plaid’ Model S packs three motors and is slated to be manufactured by the summer of next year. Of course, no pricing is known at the moment as there’s no indication about it whatsoever. What we know is that the fight for the quickest electric car around the Nurburgring is heating up and has gotten more interesting than ever before.

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