Two Special Veyrons Are Up For Sale

British luxury motor dealer H.R Owen – which is also Bugatti’s sole official retailer in the UK – has put up for sale two very rare Bugatti Veyrons. Well, actually all Veyrons are pretty hard to find, but these two are a bit more extraordinary than the others. You can say they are among the rarest ones.

The first one is a 2015 Grand Sport Vitesse edition. What’s so special about it? This particular Veyron is the open-roof version of the high-performance Grand Sport model. Bugatti only built few units of the supercar that features blue and black carbon fiber exterior. Meanwhile, the interior is upholstered with orange and black leather. This Grand Sport Vitesse has clocked only 3,540 km, so it makes sense to be priced at £2,750,000 or around $3,600,000.

Even less used is the second Veyron, which has only 950 km on the clock. The rare 2013 Grand Sport looks bright with pure white color on the outside, complemented with beluga hide upholstery on the inside. Unlike the previously-mentioned model, this beautiful Veyron comes with an undisclosed price. At least that’s the case for now.

bugatti veyron white

Without a doubt, the Bugatti Veyron is one of the most valuable road cars today. Over time, its value is expected to increase even more thanks to its outstanding design accompanied with a strong performance, which defines the true supercar of its era. H.R. Owen CEO, Ken Choo hopes to see the same trend in the future with the Chiron.

Both Veyrons being offered here come with a full service every 12 months and a-year of factory warranty. They will also go through a factory-approved inspection before being delivered to the customers.

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