Two Cool Volkswagen Golf Concepts That Won’t be Sold

Without a doubt, a Volkswagen Golf R with 400 hp would become a cool car that is fun to drive. But don’t expect such a model to be produced in the near future. What the German automaker currently has, though, are a couple of one-off Golf concepts shown at the Wörthersee GTI-Treffen motoring festival. The Golf GTI Aurora and Golf Estate FighteR – that’s how they’re called – were entirely built by the company’s apprentices in Wolfsburg and Zwickau, respectively.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Aurora

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Aurora is based on the two-door FWD GTI and packs a 2.0-liter petrol engine that produces 375 hp or 89 hp more than the already-enhanced TCR GTI. The car is equipped with a tablet that functions as the center of monitor for the engine as well as a means to control the 3,500-watt audio system. There’s an interesting fact about this Golf GTI Aurora: the car’s green and black body accents were totally hand-painted.

Volkswagen Golf Estate FighteR

As for the Volkswagen Golf Estate FighteR, it was basically a Golf R wagon modified to make 394 hp, surpassing standard by almost 100 hp. Just by looking at the exterior, you will know that this is not an ordinary VW wagon. The new fat fenders make it 2.3 inches wider overall. Besides, the presence of strobe lights in the grille and roof lights further strengthens its unique appearance, making it suitable for use as the Sachsenring’s security car. Red stitching can be found inside, as well as Alcantara on the seats and door cards, and a custom audio system.

Not only will the Estate FighteR be useful as a security car, but it’s also good for ripping off virtual hot laps around the Sachsenring track thanks to the omnidirectional camera mounted on the roof of the car.

According to a recent report, Volkswagen will no longer sell the Golf in the US except the GTI and R variants. Now that we have seen a couple of enticing concepts that makes us imagine the future versions of both models, we really hope that the two hot Golfs will stay to carry over what the concepts have brought.

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