Two Big Cars That Will Survive SUV Invasion

Big American cars may be dying, but a few monsters are surviving.

As we know, the Chevrolet Impala and Ford Taurus are set to be axed in 2019 – you can blame SUV invasion, the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger, however, keep on flourishing, with sales figures of more than 43,000 and 72,000 through this month. Buyers don’t seem to question the age of these models – they’re among the oldest ones, that ride on the same platform developed in 2011.

The figures are a bit down from 2017, yet the 300 increased its sales by 55 percent while the Charger by 20 percent in November. Tim Kuniskis is probably the one who can explain the reason behind this phenomenon. Although he is the new boss of Jeep, he used to supervise the entire car brands of FCA in North America.

Of course this is just his personal opinion, but it’s still interesting to hear. According to him, the cars that will continue to sell despite SUV invasion are those that are very unique and have an exceptionally remarkable positioning. They have good performance and a great deal of personality, as well as a reasonable price.

The Dodge Charger is a rear-wheel drive muscle car with four doors, aggressive styling and a range of potent engines, including Dodge’s Hellcat V8 that churns out 717 hp.

The Charger has been around for some time. However, it continues to receive updates, bit by bit, keeping itself fresh. And what’s even more important is that.. it’s going up on the grounds that it’s extraordinary, it’s one of a kind that is recognized by many, it has an identity.

The 300 is essentially a similar vehicle in a hoodlum-style clothing, in spite of the fact that it comes with a Hemi V8 engine 363 hp.

Although the eventual fate of the 300 and the Chrysler brand in general remains somewhat blurry, FCA’s late boss Sergio Marchionne said in June that an absolutely reengineered form of the Charger’s architecture is under development, with most analysts anticipating it to be completed in 2021. New CEO Mike Manley hasn’t yet said anything that indicates the change of route.

In any occasion, Kuniskis certainly hopes that the Alfa Romeo Giulia will survive with the same line of reasoning. After all, it deserves the same level of respect that the Charger and 300 receive. It has an exceptionally-good Italian styling and high-powered Quadrifoglio variant, which is one of the quickest performance saloons money can buy today.

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