Toyota’s Level 4 Self-Driving Car to Offer Rides to Public

If you’re a Japanese and want to know what it’s like to have a ride in a level 4 self-driving vehicle, then there may not be a better time than next summer, where Toyota will test its level 4 autonomous car on the streets in Tokyo, Japan. At the same time, the company will also offer demonstration rides.

The car is called the ‘P4 Test Vehicle’. Of course it’s still in the development stage, but it seems that the company has made significant progress as it dares to plan to test it on public roads.

The vehicle is based on the fifth-generation Lexus LS and has been put through its paces at a closed-course testing ground in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. Going forward, testing will be carried out on public streets in Odaiba, Tokyo and around the automaker’s Research Institute’s Los Altos and Ann Arbor offices.

Odaiba District is considered an ideal place to test the self-driving car because of its location that features a tricky environment of traffic, pedestrians, tall glass buildings and diverse array of road infrastructure. Toyota will offer rides between July and September next year while demonstrating its “Chauffeur” SAE Level-4 capabilities through the P4.

The company will invite people to register and those who are lucky will be chosen to participate in the rides. These test passengers won’t be left alone in the car with the autonomous driving system, of course, but there will be a safety driver at the wheel who monitors things and make sure that the situation is under control.

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