In its review of the fiscal year 2023, which concluded on March 31, Toyota conducted a press conference where it showcased a product roadmap highlighting the forthcoming electric cars scheduled to be released by 2026. During the presentation, a slide displaying the “Sports” section revealed a shaded outline, indicating that a high-performance model will be available for purchase within the next three years.

It’s uncertain whether the upcoming high-performance electric car will bear the Toyota or Lexus badge, as both brands were featured in the slideshow. Nevertheless, Toyota has been extensively promoting the Electrified Sport since its debut in late 2021. If the hinted car is indeed a commercial iteration of that concept, it is likely to be marketed as a Lexus, serving as a successor to the V10-powered LFA in an indirect manner.

The showcased concept car is described by the luxury brand as a sneak peek of a “next-generation battery EV sports car” that will carry forward the driving experience and expertise obtained from developing the LFA, often referred to as the “secret sauce” of performance. Based on the information made available, the forthcoming Electrified Sport, which is slated for production, will be equipped with all-wheel drive, indicating the presence of a dual-motor configuration at the minimum.

If the upcoming high-performance EV is launched under the Toyota brand, it’s possible that it could be the Sports EV showcased alongside the Electrified Sport during the presentation. The Sports EV, displayed at the bottom of the roadmap, was described as a two-seater mid-ship runabout and is expected to compete with the future Porsche 718 EV, which is planned to be introduced around 2025.

Two more high-end electric vehicles, possibly carrying the Lexus emblem, are expected to be featured in the upcoming slideshow, along with plans for zero-emission compact cars targeted at developing markets by 2026. Toyota has also scheduled an official preview of its forthcoming electric vehicle lineup at the Japan Mobility Show in late October, where we may get a glimpse of the sleek Lexus model that was recently hinted at.

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