This Volkswagen Golf R32 Casually Hits 305.38 KPH

Don’t just dream, but start working on your dreams, that’s what motivators always say. So while many people dream of owning a super fast car, some of them aren’t just dreaming, but doing something to achieve what they want, even though that doesn’t necessarily mean buying a supercar with power above 1000 HP, but maybe they can get more speed just by maximizing what they already have.

This time we’re talking about a Volkswagen Golf, from the fourth generation to be exact. The car can be owned for some hundred euros in its native land, that’s its normal value of today. But if it’s a range-topper like this one, it will cost you a little more money. The R32 variant is propelled by a VR6 mill cranking out 240 hp.

That puts the car in the subcompact hot hatchback category. The standards in the class itself have risen rapidly compared to several years ago, with class occupants having output around the territory between 250 and 400 hp. Some of the most potent models have come with even higher performance numbers that surpass the boundaries.

Think that this VW is lack of grunt compared to the current standards? Wait, hold your criticism. Let us tell you that the video after this post comes with a description saying that the hatchback actually has a staggering 1,150 hp and 885 lb-ft of torque.

Just look at its exploding performance, it does seem to be really powerful, doesn’t it? It even looks like it can overspeed most supercars of today on the drag strip. In fact, the modified Golf managed to hit 305.38 kph during a half-mile sprint; you can see for yourself on the video, it finished the run in 17.03 seconds.

Source: Car Acceleration TV

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