This Unfortunate Toyota Supra Needs New Owner

As a matter of fact, it’s not surprising to see a destroyed performance machine in a salvage yard. Seriously, and new Toyota Supra is indeed attractive. How not? It arrives for 2020 with actually long periods of hype from both the Japanese carmaker and fans of the nameplate. That prompted some dealerships to value the sports car which packs 335 hp above a new Porsche 911. However, we wish no one actually caved shell out that excessive amount of money.

For those who didn’t do that but are still going to buy a Supra, we guess this specific Launch Edition version could be a nice pick for a significant deal. The car is a bit destroyed as you can see here. It needs just a new front fascia, fenders, fender liners, a bonnet, airbags, and maybe a new powerplant, absolutely takes a lot of effort to restore the whole thing back to normal.

And you’ll have to detail the interior too if you want it to be as clean as new. The unfortunate Supra has gone through some grave action when it was still relatively new. Yes, it clocks only 576 miles on the odometer, and despite the entire destruction suffered by its front clip, the machine doesn’t look too sick elsewhere – you can still fix this thing. has the car listed for sale if you want to buy it. It’s now taking a long, peaceful break at the firm’s Long Island, New York site. They say nothing about how this smash happened, and there’s no info whether anyone was injured in the crash.

We have to admit that it makes our previously upbeat perception about the machine somewhat lessened, but given what some wrecked Supras have proven – that severe damage upfront could still mean practically zero encroachment on the cockpit, we tend to believe that almost everything was alright about this car, and its interior appears to survive the impacts and remain undamaged.

According to the listing, the real value of the car is $54,661. As for its repair cost, it’s estimated to be $41,583, which is 76 percent of the car’s price. Well, there’s a little chance you don’t have to spend that much. But at the same time, there’s a strong possibility that it’s indeed the amount of money you’ll have to spend if you want to fully restore the car. In any case, let us remind you that going beyond the 75-percent edge is typically a capital punishment.

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