This Japanese Hypercar Can Hit 62 mph in 1.9 seconds

It wants to be the fastest accelerating car in the world

What do you think if there’s a car that is built only to be a supercar-humiliator? How much should that beast be priced? One or two million? What if we say $4.9 million?

That is the cost of a radical electric hypercar made by a Japanese company Aspark for only 50 buyers. Yes, that is a bank-breaking price, but it’s worth the awesome performance offered by the Owl.

Set to be released in 2020, the Aspark Owl promises a jaw-dropping acceleration time of 1.99 seconds from a standstill to 62 mph on road-legal tires. Last February, a prototype has already clocked an incredible 1.89-second to 62 mph.

That ferocious performance is resulted by an electric powertrain that develops at least 1150 hp and 885 Nm of torque. The combination of carbon-fiber body and magnesium alloy wheels gives the car an ideal weight of 1500kg.

The Owl was displayed at the Paris Motor Show in October, and Aspark began taking non-refundable $1 million reservations. There’s actually one way your cash can return, that’s only if the completed hypercar doesn’t deliver the insane performance it had promised, or if there’s a significant delay in delivery, or – most dire outcome imaginable – the company fails to build any Owl at all.

Even at a glance, the two-seater Owl surely looks like a Lambo destroyer. Aspark boss Masanori Yoshida says the smooth lines are as much about satisfying his very own hypercar imagination as about optimal design. The front end is intended to be radically aggressive when seen drawing nearer in the rearview mirror, and the tail lights are designed to look like smiling as the vehicle quickens away.

Well proportioned wheel arches and a massive spoiler give a clear quality of luxury, yet in different regards the car is straightforward. It has little electronics to talk about, and no advanced driver-assistance systems. You can forget about medium-term trip when driving it, since the glove box is all the storage space you got.

That’s actually not surprising if you remember the main purpose of the Owl, it is made only to be a supercar humiliator. Aside from its wild acceleration, the beast is somewhat plain-vanilla for the price. It guarantees a maximum speed of 280km/h and range of 300km on a full battery.

Acceleration is probably the Owl’s one most deadly weapon. If we change the topic to other features, we will begin noticing a growing list of its rivals. So there’s no doubt that Aspark is counting much on enthusiasts who want to pay for a pure, high performance.

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