This is Perhaps The Most Brutal-Looking Classic Ford Pickup 6×6

An off-road vehicle usually won’t use a six-wheel configuration. Why? Because it’s more inhibiting the potential of the car than unleashing it. In fact, the challenge will increase when another powered axle is added to a vehicle, making its performance more difficult to control. In addition, such a setup isn’t affordable.

For that reason, the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6 can only be reached by wealthy shoppers and the Hennessey Velociraptor has the equivalent value of a supercar despite the common truck it’s based on. So, it’s not about the vehicle model, but rather the changes produced by the modification that it went through, that’s where the flow of money goes.

If you’re just a driver taking the on-road route, things will be much simpler than that. All you need is just a tractor-trailer-like setup where the wheels only serve to handle the weight of the car and the load that it carries. The output can be sent down efficiently without the need to worry about the right articulation.

But it’s still not a normal vehicle to use on the streets. An example is like the rendering that you see here, which seems to unite all the inspiration that can be found in the world of custom cars today. Honestly, this thing impresses us instantly thanks to the uniqueness that it has, like its humbleness, the fact that it’s hoodless, and not to mention that it looks like a fast runner.

This unique toy is based on a 1977 F-150, although honestly it looks like something older. It was created by Yasid Design, who lets people discover it through the hashtag #fordf150. The Ford actually reminds us of a number of old cars, and it even has some muscle car in it. The only parts that look modern are just its bumper and grille.

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