This Cool Green Thing is Lamborghini’s New Track-Focused Supercar

It promises “the purest track experience”.

The motorsport wing of Lamborghini, Squadra Corse, developed its first bespoke street-legal car in 2018 – the Aventador-based SC18 Alston. Today it has released a teaser clip that previews an upcoming track-oriented model with the same source of inspiration, namely the Aventador.

Last September, a quite surprising claim came from someone on the McLaren Life forums, who said that he had previewed a new supercar model based on the Aventador, which is called the SVR. It will be a track-only model with production number limited to only 40 examples and serve as the Italian brand’s “version of FXX”. It seems like the car teased here is the SVR, although we are not sure, we don’t even know if that name is legit.

From what the flashy video teaser shows, the car will come in bright green and wear a different bodywork from the Aventador. It has no headlights while its hood features air intakes and it has a pronounced front splitter. The wing mirrors look extraordinary at first glance, the decklid is elongated, and the roof scoop is pronounced. You can also see a big carbon fiber rear wing and a menacing diffuser.

The clip description says the car will pack a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 that punches out 830 horsepower, surpassing the Aventador SVJ by 60 hp. The engine will be paired to a six-speed Xtrac sequential transmission. To enhance its performance, the vehicle will also be equipped with a bespoke limited-slip differential.

Judging from its appearance and engine figure, we’re sure that this will be an interesting model worth anticipating, although Lamborghini has not yet announced the launch date for the new supercar. We expect more details to surface in the coming days or weeks. Meanwhile, customer deliveries are expected to start in 2021.
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