This Car Gets Koenigsegg Look And VW Beetle Frame

When you first see it, you may think that the car pictured here is one of only few Koenigsegg replicas that ever exist in the world, and it’s not even a good example in its own genre. Well, it’s a replica indeed, but not a common one. That’s because this machine is actually related to the Swedish company’s magnificent hypercars in some way.

The vehicle’s registration plate number is a telltale that this Dutch machine rides on a Volkswagen Beetle frame and this is the first of several interesting things revealed about the vehicle.

Now you know that this is not a one-off creation. In fact, it’s a kit car belonging to Sethera, a Swedish car brand founded in 1980’s by automobile designer Svenharry Åkesson; who had also designed the Sethera Mk1 sold in Europe and the unproduced AC Cobra replica.

This Car Gets Koenigsegg Look And VW Beetle Frame

Such a kit was sold with the chassis being offered optionally. As for the aforementioned VW option, it came with a steel tube variant. Later on, a platform that supported mid-engine setup was also built.

Svenharry was involved in another project in 1993. He was asked to build an extreme road racer called Sethera Falcon. Unfortunately, the company that comissioned the car went bankrupt during the development process, leading to the suspension of the project.

The Svenharry’s reputation led him to a new opportunity though. A few years later, he met Christian von Koenigsegg, who bought the Falcon frame design and transformed it into the chassis for the first Koenigsegg machine, the 1996 CC. The prototype was powered by Audi’s 4.2-liter V8 engine.

This Car Gets Koenigsegg Look And VW Beetle Frame

That’s a pretty complicated and interesting past, isn’t it? No wonder the owner of the funny car here is determined to grab a piece of that history. His vehicle does look like a supercar at a glance, but petrolheads who aren’t familiar with Sethera and Koenigsegg’s past relationship would be like, “what kind of creature is this?” when they see the contraption. Its camouflage and large wheels make it look too unique, or perhaps we should say weird.

Image Source: Shmee150

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