This 80’s Rally Car is as Expensive as a new Bentley

The old car is the Ford RS200 that was specifically built to race in the 1986 Swedish Finnish rally. However, it never had a chance to show its full potential in the competition as the rallying category it was supposed to race in (Group B) was scrapped due to its deadly nature.

After that, the car was still used for several years as a part of Ford’s display team, before collecting dust for decades. So it’s no surprise that the rally star has a very low mileage of 4,000.

Rally cars from Group B were known as the fastest, most powerful and sophisticated in their era. Their speed had increased high enough that it sparked concerns of motorsport bosses and ultimately caused their ban in 1987.

This 80's Rally Car is as Expensive as a new Bentley

This 80's Rally Car is as Expensive as a new Bentley

The old RS200 itself is a very rare model and is the most sought after “Fast Fords”. That’s why its value can go higher than many would expect. In fact, it managed to fetch a total price of £132,000 or about $187,900 at H&H Classics’ auction at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford last week.

That amount of money can literally buy you a new Bentley with more fuel efficiency rather than crazy performance; with satnav, radio, boot, and many more; which the old Ford doesn’t have at all. But of course, those who love classic cars will value the stories behind a historic car more than the modern features that offer a much better driving experience.

There were several Ford RS200s built for Group B rallies in 1986 – including the one that sold – that were never driven in the race. They also haven’t been touched by any change since their creation 32 years ago.

This 80's Rally Car is as Expensive as a new Bentley

This 80's Ford is as Expensive as a new Bentley

The RS200 brought by H&H Classics comes with its original white color and two doors. Additionally, it also has a big rear spoiler, asserting its identity as a performance car. On the inside, the car presents a gray color as well as two racing seats.

At its rear, a 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine is mounted and is capable of pumping 450bhp. According to the seller, Damian Jones of H&H Classics, the RS200 was considered a dangerous car in 1986. With an F1 car-level speed, it could put the driver in danger at any time, especially when going through the forest.

The short video below may give you a taste of how dangerous the Ford RS200 was in 1986 when it lost control.