This 2020 Mercedes-AMG A45 S Defies its Speed Limiter

For the most part, the debut of the all-new Mercedes AMG A45 is happening without being realized by many. That’s incredible given the fact that it’s the most potent hot hatch on the planet today which comes with possibly the finest interior as well – we can even call it a hyper hatch. For those who haven’t seen how great the car’s 2.0-liter turbo is, here’s the new A45 S again, showing you its great performance.

We’re sure that most luxury car owners would be too reluctant to do such acceleration, but with this 2-liter turbo, a driver can feel pure, unrestricted thrill without feeling guilty afterwards. The A45 S is perhaps the most compact production car money can buy that still punches out heart-pounding performance when its gas pedal is pressed to the floor.

The hyper hatch does that with excessive aggressiveness due to the wicked engine lying under its bonnet, which generates 421 hp from its four cylinders in addition to 369 lb-ft of torque. That output is big for a vehicle the size of the A45 S, and of course it’s good enough to excite you when you sit there behind the steering wheel and accelerate.

Looking inside, you will find what makes this car different from its whole competitors. There are a couple of screens that greatly enhance driving experience, making you feel as if you’re playing a digital game. The dashboard’s design is currently superior to the rest of the interior elements. There’s no need to worry in case a hatchback isn’t your thing, because Mercedes also has a coupe variant of the car on offer, the CLA 45 S. So you’re free to adjust this belligerence to your taste.

To put it simply, this can be your best hot hatch choice, as long as you’re fine with the €62,000 price tag for the A45 S. It’s nearly the same as buying two regular A-Class cars. Why that much? Well, that’s largely because of the AMG’s high reputation and the level of engineering they have injected into this machine. Now if you watch AutoTopNL‘s clip below, you will find yet another impressive thing – the A45 S exceeded its speed limiter a little bit as it blasted through 278 kph.

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