This 1968 Ford Bronco Has Mustang Shelby GT500’s Heart

SEMA is always perfect when there’s Jay Leno, this is like a fact that is accepted by everyone. How not? The guy is perhaps the world’s number one American auto enthusiast. In 2019, Ford chose to have a ride on the prominence of the humorist to sponsor a hotly anticipated vehicle debut.

As the launch of the reanimated nameplate is imminent, the Blue Oval is expecting putting together the SEMA, Jay Leno and its Bronco in one occasion would attract more attention to the new car. Certainly, it’s a good strategy at the right time, even we expect it to work, but we’ll wait and see as things unfold.

For now, we will pay attention to something else, what’s available before our eyes. So, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, there was another interesting thing to see, namely a 1968 Bronco which has been restored. It’s the same vehicle parked by late-night television host Craig Ferguson in Leno’s spot on the eve of his last taping, but the former didn’t realize the iconic rank of the classic machine.

Since his retirement, Leno has spent years – with the help of the Blue Oval – to breathe new life into the old Bronco. The success of this restoration was largely thanks to an engine transplant. Yes, the Bronco pictured here is in fact motivated by the heart of a brand new Mustang Shelby GT500, stuffed in there by Kincer Chassis.

Leno thinks the transplant was necessary for the Bronco as it gives the classic a second chance to impress people today and remind them of how iconic it is that it “was many things to many people”. It could be used “on the farm” but it was also suitable to take to parties. To put it simply, the car was good for any of these surroundings. So it was really a great idea to revive this classic Bronco and give it contemporary performance, braking, and handling to make it the finest of the past and the now.

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