Tesla Model Y Traps Driver Inside Following Unexpected Shutdown

We’ve heard before how auto infotainment systems could be used against vehicle owners. It was quite unthinkable that something created to improve driving comfort could actually be used as a means to break into a car?

But that’s how a computer betrays you sometimes. If any flaws are found in it, the risk of hacking will consequently arise. Today’s technology is so sharp that even without third party involvement, it could still put you in a pinch due to lack of accuracy.

Just like what happened to British YouTuber Tom Exton, who was shocked by his Tesla Model Y’s irritating behavior. He was driving to London last Thursday night when the car suddenly told him to pull over on the side of the road. Much to his annoyance, the EV then shut down and trapped him inside.

According to Exton, he had owned the vehicle for only five days at the time, so it was still brand new. As an automobile collector, apparently the Model Y was one of the machines that caught his interest; at least for a short period of time before the incident happened.

He lost his patience when the Tesla cut all its power and locked the door, preventing him from getting out. He couldn’t open the door by conventional means, which forced him to use the emergency manual override latch.

At the time of the incident, the Model Y’s battery indicator had shown a nearly full charge, but the car was powering off after being driven for just 15 minutes. Exton lifted the mechanical release handle located near the window switches.

As he tried to escape using the emergency door release, the driver’s window is somehow broken in the process, which upset him to the point that he recommended people to avoid buying a Tesla. “Do yourself a favour and get a Polestar. Or anything other than a Tesla.”

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