Tesla Model S Plaid Is At It Again, Performing at the Nürburgring

The Tesla Model S Plaid is at it again, another test has been conducted at the Nürburgring. The particular model spotted in this Carspotter Jeroen’s clip seems to come with a bit of styling changes that distinguish it from previous cars.

This Model S sports a black splitter which protrudes from below the front fascia. Most probably, it’s there to help the rear diffuser keep downforce balanced between the front and rear ends of the vehicle.

The video here also shows that the clear rear spoiler apparently features an angle of attack that is steeper than the section on other prototype cars. With that shape, it would simplify the engineer’s job when they need to change tilt or reconfigure the aerodynamics.

The way this Model S is shaped makes us think that Tesla may have applied a high-downforce setup for it. Given that the EV maker can seemingly take away or adjust the spoiler and splitter, it’s likely that they’re gauging the perfect quantity of downforce for the Nürburgring’s numerous bends without excessive loss on straightline velocity.

Rumors have it that the Model S Plaid has three electric motors producing a combined output a little above 800 hp, and they’re electrified by a 130-kwh battery pack. Enhanced thermal management could allow the battery to operate without being overheated by employing larger refrigeration.

Currently, nobody knows when Tesla will throw the production-ready Model S Plaid around the “Green Hell” and let us know how fast it laps the famous circuit. At this point, we have near-zero doubt that the EV is a quicker Nürburgring star than the Porsche Taycan which laid down a lap of 7:42. It remains a big question as to how low Tesla can win the time.

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