Ford Previews Two Mustangs and Three F-150s Built for SEMA

If you want to know some of what Ford will bring to SEMA, you’re in the right place; here are five of them, consisting of Mustangs and F-150s. Ford believes that SEMA wouldn’t be complete without some Mustangs and F-150s for the folks at the show to feast their eyes on. The automaker is positive … Read more

Hennessey Maximus is The Jeep Gladiator in Much Tougher Form

After a preview months ago, finally it’s time for the all-new Hennessey Maximus to be revealed, even though it doesn’t have to wait for its official launch at the 2019 SEMA Show. Taking the Jeep Gladiator as its vessel, the Maximus is a really reliable off-road vehicle. It manages to put together the elements of … Read more

Bollinger B1, B2 Tough Electric Trucks Cost $125,000

For fans of hardcore off-road cars, get ready to welcome the arrival of two monsters that will fascinate you. These aren’t just any off-roaders, but ones with pure-electric performance, namely the Bollinger B1 SUV and B2 crew cab pickup. Scheduled to be produced next year, both cars have the same price tag, which is $125,000. … Read more

This is Perhaps The Most Brutal-Looking Classic Ford Pickup 6×6

An off-road vehicle usually won’t use a six-wheel configuration. Why? Because it’s more inhibiting the potential of the car than unleashing it. In fact, the challenge will increase when another powered axle is added to a vehicle, making its performance more difficult to control. In addition, such a setup isn’t affordable. For that reason, the … Read more