Kia Futuron Concept Boasts Coupe SUV Design, Electric Autonomy

Kia’s first coupe crossover has been revealed. Although it looks both unique and attractive, it’s not for sale since it’s just a concept. Its name is Futuron and it previews a new styling path for the Korean manufacturer’s electric cars in the future. As the moniker implies and the pictures confirm, the concept is presented … Read more

A Variety of Cool Honda Cars Coming to SEMA 2019

SEMA will be an interesting show with the presence of many cool cars. Previously, we have talked about Ford builds from the normal-looking to the wild ones, but Honda also has a handful of models ready to enliven the show. The first model is the CR-V Dream created by Jsport Performance Accessories. Built to attract … Read more

Hyundai VelosterRaptor N and Kona Ultimate: Friendliness and Badassery in One Camp

This year’s SEMA Show will kick off in a few days, and every motorhead is getting excited about it. Meanwhile, to add more excitement, Hyundai has revealed its two curious concepts that will be showcased at the auto show, including a slightly-modded Veloster the company describes as a Type-R killer and a heavily altered Kona … Read more

Ariya Concept Previews Nissan’s New Design Philosophy

Officially unveiled sooner than anticipated, the Nissan Ariya concept looks more riveting than when it appeared on the internet. According to Nissan, the reveal of the Ariya Concept marked the start of a “new era” for the company. That’s because the vehicle will become a statement to the world about Nissan’s new philosophy for the … Read more

Hyundai Veloster Turbo Turns Into Grappler Off-Roader

Hyundai Veloster Turbo Turns Into Grappler Off-Roader

We don’t need to wait for the 2019 SEMA show next month to see what the unique Hyundai Veloster Turbo Grappler hatchback looks like. The concept is here now, looking so wild with its “rugged and sporty all-terrain” style. Although it’s only in the form of rendering, it shows plenty of details that you will … Read more

2021 Toyota Mirai Concept Radiates Gorgeousness

The California-bound Toyota Mirai has gotten a dramatically better look, as previewed by the new concept of the second-gen hydrogen fuel cell sedan. Since 2015, around 9,000 Mirais have been delivered by the Japanese carmaker, with 6,000 of them were bought or leased by California residents. To make the hydrogen saloon more attractive, Toyota has … Read more

Ever Seen a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 6×6?

Ever Seen a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 6x6?

You know that your car needs a 6×6 setup when you often go off-road, because it’s necessary to tackle the tricky terrain. But what if your vehicle is a luxurious one? And it’s not just an ordinary car, but a hypercar? That would be beyond wild, wouldn’t it? Undoubtedly, the current automobile industry almost never … Read more