Dear BMW Owners, Pay $80 for Your Apple CarPlay or Say Goodbye to it

Dear BMW Owners, Pay $80 for Your Apple Carplay or Say Goodbye to it

Technological developments have been going very fast these days, especially in the world of automobiles. Optional features that were previously only available in top-end vehicles have now become standard in many new entry-level models. You no longer need to buy a luxury car to get big touch screens, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, because they’re … Read more

‘Peloton’ Complements Apple’s Self-Driving Technology

'Peloton' Complements Apple's Self-Driving Technology

Apple may not have a physical vehicle in the works, but the company does seem to have a big focus on driverless and electric vehicle technology. The tech giant has filed a patent for an EV system called “Peloton”, which is designed for future autonomous cars. The patent was filed on Tuesday with the United … Read more

When a Nissan Leaf Kisses Apple’s Self-Driving Prototype From Behind

When a Nissan Leaf Kisses Apple's Self-Driving Prototype From Behind

If you ask Apple about its autonomous car project, it won’t talk much. So there’s basically not much to be reported about it, at least until the company’s prototype itself made the news with a futuristic crash near the tech giant’s headquarters. It happened on August 24 when one of Apple’s Lexus RX 450h prototypes … Read more