Subaru Impreza and Crosstrek Affected by Massive Recall

Recall alert for those who have Subaru Impreza and Crosstrek cars from 2017 to 2019 model years, the Japanese company is recalling 228,500 of those vehicles due to bad PCV valves. To solve the problem, the entire powerplant might need to be replaced.

Owners of the affected cars will need to take their vehicles to the dealer. According to CarComplaints, an inspection will be carried out by technicians to ascertain whether the engine needs to be replaced.

If not treated further, the issue can become more serious as the bad PCV valves may open gaps for the oil to flow into the combustion chamber and burn. Ultimately, the small pieces of the valves may fall into the combustion chamber, stopping engine from working.

According to Subaru, at least 251 2017 Imprezas will certainly require engine replacements. As for the rest, an inspection will be conducted first before determining whether a swap needs to be done. In any case, all of these vehicles should be inspected and if necessary, new engine components will be fitted in place of the old ones.

The automaker will notify owners of the affected cars as usual. But to be sure, customers with the aforementioned models can enter their VIN on NHTSA’s website to immediately find out if their vehicle needs to be fixed.

In addition, they will also find out if their Subaru is affected by another different recall recently announced before this, which added more than half a million Imprezas and Crosstreks to Subaru’s repair list due to their faulty ignition coils which could eventually make the car stall.

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