Stelvio SUV to Spearhead Alfa Romeo’s EV Transition in 2026

Alfa Romeo’s future SUV will mark the beginning of its grand EV plans

Alfa Romeo’s CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, has announced that the second-generation Stelvio SUV, carrying an electric powerplant, will arrive in 2026 as part of the company’s increased dedication to electric mobility. The SUV will replace the existing model, and one year later, Alfa Romeo plans to introduce a big electric sedan.

According to Autocar, the design of the Mk2 Stelvio will remain largely unchanged. However, it will use the STLA platform, which is part of Stellantis’ range announced a few years ago, as its underpinnings.

Larry Dominique, Senior Vice President, stated that the Guilia sedan and the Stelvio will receive one final refresh before their transition to electric in the 2024 model year, during which they will continue to run on gasoline power. The carmaker has also introduced what Larry Dominique refers to as “buzz models,” which include the Estrema, the Lusso and Competizione editions.

Regarding the topic of extended range for electric vehicles, Imparato stated that the successor to the Guilia would potentially provide a range of up to 435 miles on a single charge. Since the upcoming sedan and SUV will share the same platform as the Giulia, it’s probable that they will also share its basic drivetrain options.

Alfa Romeo has hinted that the Quadrofoglio, which currently boasts over 500 horsepower, will eventually transform into an electric version of the Guilia, potentially generating an impressive 1,000 horsepower. The Tonale, a new plug-in hybrid SUV that is slightly smaller than the Stelvio, is expected to arrive soon at US dealerships.

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