We knew the Rolls-Royce Ghost is dying, and it’s not surprising, considering a replacement has been on the news here and there. In addition, the Ghost is pretty old now, with around ten years passed. It was first introduced at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009.

A few years later, In 2011, a newer variant with a long wheelbase was launched, followed by a renewed Ghost Series II going official in Geneva in 2014. This time, a successor is about to come. But Rolls-Royce isn’t one manufacturer to let its car dying a silent dead, something will happen about it.

To celebrate the Ghost’s ten year life span, Rolls-Royce is coming up with the Ghost Black Badge edition, which was displayed at the 2019 NEC Classic Motor Show. The exterior gets Dark Emerald and Black diamond finish while the interior receives Black and Seashell leather. The iconic Spirit of Ecstasy also got reworked in dark chrome.

As the rest of Black Badge cars, the Ghost will arrive with bigger output than its standard counterpart. There’s no information yet on horsepower and torque numbers though. But it will pack the identical 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine under its bonnet. The special edition Rolls will also have a chassis and drivetrain that have been tuned for better performance.

As for the Ghost’s successor, it will reportedly feature the same architecture as the new Cullinan and Phantom, namely the Architecture of Luxury. Nevertheless, it seems that visual changes will be quite hard to spot as its styling is nearly the same as the outgoing car. Judging from the spied prototypes, the new Ghost seem to retain its predecessor’s look, this is obvious particularly at the front, whereas its roofline appears sleeker than before.

The next-gen Ghost will predictably be powered by the same 6.-75-liter engine. Rumors have it that an electric variant will arrive too, but it’s doubtful that the Ghost EV will debut at the same time as the ICE model.

Currently, the Ghost is an exemplar in the realm of luxury autos. Rolls knows that it needs to keep up with a lot of technological changes have occurred in the last ten years, but the old platform just won’t cut it, so it’s ready to answer the need for new tech and luxury with the arrival of its next-generation Ghost.

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