Resurrected 1959 Porsche 356 Takes New Form

After doing a custom Porsche 911 several months ago, Emory Motorsports has done its best again with its new project. This time a lucky old Porsche has been brought back to life through the firm’s magical touch. The ultra-classic 356 is now called the ‘Transitional’ Speedster.

Although its current appearance won’t convince you, but this 1959 model actually left the factory floor as a coupe, until a crash changed its fate. The car was pretty much destroyed, with its roof being heavily damaged beyond repair, ultimately disabling it. That wasn’t the end of the story though. The 356 saw a light of hope when it met Rod Emory, who pulled it out of the junkyard and breathe new life into it. As a plus, the car is given a completely fresh, new speedster shape.

Well, we have to say that it’s a fantastic transformation, giving the car a natural ability to enjoy the sun in its new form. Among the things that make this speedster unique is its racing-inspired aluminum tonneau cover and headrest fairing, in addition to the fact that it doesn’t have a ‘Speedster’ badge, nodding the vehicle’s first coupe form and the “idea” that the company celebrates “the best of what this car still had” when they found it.

Under the hood, the 356’s original 1.6-liter flat four-cylinder heart is replaced by a larger 2.4-liter engine generating 205 horsepower. That’s not much of an output, given today’s power trend that has gone up so high to the clouds. Nevertheless, it’s still a decent figure for the 1,850-pound ultra classic model that wants to remember what it was in the past.

Bigger power has to come with an improved setup, that’s why the speedster’s suspension system has been overhauled for better performance. The configuration is new independent at the rear complemented by Koni adjustable shocks. To further help the car handling its new output, it’s also fitted with custom brake rotors and calipers.

The 356’s front hood handle is now cut, but a hole in the panel still lets the owner access the fuel filler. Emory gives the body an Aquamarine color and a Mobil Pegasus badge painted by hand. The interior retains some classic feel thanks to the seating configuration inspired by the original 356 Speedster produced in the mid-50s. Lastly, the reincarnated 356 sits on 15-inch wheels finished in satin-black.

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