Renault to Use Old EV Batteries to Build 60 MWh Storage Facility

Soon we might not need to worry anymore about the disposed electric cars’ batteries causing harm to the environment. That’s apparently because Renault is going to do something about it. The French automaker has announced its big battery recycling project.

In early next year, the company’s first facilities will be established at three places in France and Germany, where second life EV batteries will be used as mediums for electricity storage systems. The 60 MWh systems will send back power into the grid when demand is high, which is good to avert hazardous fluctuations.

To run this project, Renault will stack in containers 2,000 lithium-ion batteries that will join forces to continuously absorb or deliver large amount of power. “This high power combined with high capacity” will give more balance to the grid and help reduce electricity costs in times of peak demand.

With such innovation, the future of second life batteries seems to be bright. A recent study by Circular Energy Storage reported that the global market for these batteries is growing so fast that it could reach a size of $1.3 billion this year, and continue to grow in the coming years.

If reused properly, depleted batteries can indeed be very useful for automakers. In terms of power, a bank of old lithium-ions from EVs could still be squeezed to produce 42 GWh for five years. Study also found that a 100 MWh electricity storage system using 7,000 Nissan Leaf batteries has the potential to generate annual revenue of $6,7 million.

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