Ram Rampage Goes Official

While drawing inspiration from the Ram 1500, the Rampage’s design is notably influenced by the Fiat Toro, with its proportions reflecting this connection. Nonetheless, the pickup truck possesses its own distinctive styling, showcasing Stellantis’ commitment as evidenced by their substantial investment of R$1.3 billion ($248.5 million) in its development.

Given that similar endeavors often exceed $1 billion in costs, this investment can be considered a bargain. The automaker proudly highlights the involvement of a team of over 800 engineers and technicians, who collectively dedicated 1.2 million hours to bring the Rampage to fruition.

Following its debut, the precise dimensions of the new Rampage pickup truck have been revealed. Measuring at 5.03 meters (198 inches) in length, 1.89 meters (74.4 inches) in width, and 1.78 meters (70.1 inches) in height, with a wheelbase of 2.99 meters (117.7 inches), these figures differ slightly from those initially reported by Autos Segredos.

Notably, the ground clearance is confirmed to be 10.4 inches, a detail that was previously undisclosed by the Brazilian website. But Autos Segredos accurately predicted the engines and transmission, providing correct information in that regard.

The Rampage offers two powertrain choices for drivers. The first option is a 2-liter turbodiesel engine, generating 168 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. The second option is the 2-liter GME, also known as the Hurricane 4, which initially runs on gasoline and delivers 268 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. Stellantis has plans to enable ethanol compatibility in the future. Both powertrain options come with a standard 9-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive capability.

Contrary to Autos Segredos’ predictions, the Rampage will feature three different models. The entry-level variant is the Rebel, which carries a starting price of R$239,990 ($45,866) equipped with a turbodiesel engine, contradicting previous assumptions that it would be the most expensive option.

While the Big Horn model may still emerge in the future, it is not currently available. The price rises to R$249,990 ($47,777) for the Rebel equipped with the gasoline engine, which aligns with the same price range as the Laramie turbodiesel version. The adoption of the Hurricane 4 engine in the Laramie configuration brings its price to R$259,990 ($49,689).

The highest-tier offering in the Rampage lineup is the R/T variant, available at a price of R$269,990 ($51,600). Distinguished by its unique suspension configuration, the Rampage R/T achieves a top speed of 137 mph, establishing itself as the fastest available pickup truck in Brazil. For added luxury and convenience, customers have the option to include the Pack Elite, which incorporates ambient lighting, a Harman Kardon sound system, and an electrically adjustable driver’s seat. This additional package comes at a cost of R$6,000 ($1,147).

The turbodiesel variants of the Rampage boast an impressive cargo capacity of up to 1,015 kilograms (2,237.7 pounds), whereas the gasoline versions have a slightly lower limit of 750 kilograms (1,653.5 pounds). The truck bed offers a volumetric capacity of 980 liters (34.6 cubic feet), providing ample space for transporting goods. Pre-sales for the Rampage will start on June 22, although deliveries are expected to begin in August, resulting in a waiting period of over a month.

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