Pininfarina Teases K350 All-Electric SUV

Hybrid Kinetic Group has gotten its hands on the lastest design work by Pininfarina. The design is for the new four-seater K350, an electric crossover that accompanies the likes of K750 and K550. The company will launch the SUV alongside its new H500 sedan.

The K350 is the third vehicle Hybrid Kinetic has in its SUV portfolio, as well as one of the six vehicles that Pininfarina has designed for the Chinese company so far.

In making the new SUV’s design, the Italian car design firm has employed Hybrid Kinetic’s drive system with central control unit, electric motors, battery, and range extender. The all-electric crossover has a claimed travel range of 1000 km on a single charge.

Pininfarina Teases H500 All-Electric SUV

Pininfarina said the K350 is the smallest SUV in the Hybrid Kinetic family, and that’s why it has perfect proportions, well-placed volumes on the wheels, and a robust and athletic body. In terms of powertrain, both the K350 and H500 will packs the automaker’s latest technology.

Hybrid Kinetic Group will reveal more details about the K350 and H500 at the Beijing Motor Show on April 25.