Pagani’s V12 to Stay, a €3 Million SUV is Imagined

Unlike many automakers that embrace downsizing, Pagani refused to follow the trend, confirming that its V12 powerhouses will stay under the hoods of its cars.

The supercar maker recently launched the monstrous and ultra-expensive Huayra BC Roadster. As other Huayra cars, the BC Roadster packs Mercedes-AMG’s 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V12.

Horacio Pagani recently told Autocar that the Huayra’s replacement codenamed C10 will keep using a V12 powerplant. The car itself will reportedly make its world debut in 2022.

Pagani's V12 to Stay, a €3 Million SUV is Imagined

Since philosophy is an important thing for Pagani, it will carry over into the company’s next model. A conventional combustion engine will still be used, namely the “new-generation Mercedes-AMG V12 twin-turbo”. According to Horacio, Pagani already has “a very close relationship with Mercedes”, which is why “this new V12 engine will be homologated until 2026.”

Certainly, prospective buyers and aficionados will love to hear this, as they may have thought the supercar maker would either go hybrid or use smaller engines on its future creation to comply with ever-stringent emissions standards. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t go electric in the future. Electrification is just a matter of time. For now, Pagani is just not ready yet for a fast change.

Pagani's V12 to Stay, a €3 Million SUV is Imagined

The Italian manufacturer has confirmed that a fully-electric model is in the works and will be launched alongside the Huayra’s replacement. Not many details were revealed regarding this car, but it will use a modified form of the C10 platform.

Today, the SUV market has grown rapidly, and it’s just getting hotter with the advent of electric models. Knowing this, Pagani can’t help but get inspired to make its own super SUV, although it’s just an idea that hasn’t been realized for the moment.

Pagani's V12 to Stay, a €3 Million SUV is Imagined

According to Horacio, if Pagani were to ever make an SUV, “it would need to have a price tag of €3 million or above to be in line with” the company’s “current strategy”. But a market for such a vehicle is doubtful for now, so Pagani won’t take risks for it.

Horacio said that Pagani cars are obliged to be of high quality. That won’t change even if the manufacturer had to launch an SUV. It would borrow Mercedes-Benz technology and use its big platform for such a vehicle. Then they would need to introduce a concept and carry out further development that wouldn’t take a short time before being able to finalize a production model – it’s a long long process.

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