Nurburgring Spy Video Shows Multiple Prototypes from Audi, BMW, and Toyota

An epic spy video was recently uploaded on YouTube, showing some cool prototypes appearing alternately for the first time on the Nurburgring track. In the first few minutes, the video plays in the background a heated conversation between the person behind the camera and the “police” who seemed to be in charge of preventing video recording. Had the former didn’t insist on getting the footage, there wouldn’t be this video now.

Nearly all the cars that appear in the footage make us curious. There are models that will be out of production in 2019, like the track-oriented Golf GTI and the Leon ST Cupra. It looks like they were presented to put new exhausts through their paces.

The Audi S7 Sportback looked rather monotonous, what’s interesting about it is the sound of an electric motor that came out at one point. Could it be that they replace the RS5 heart with a new hybrid powertrain? Who knows, but that would be interesting if true. You can see an RS7 too, which is still in its initial development phase. The prototype sported a big exhaust configuration. Even the recently-debuted Hyundai i30 Fastback N was also in the show.

And then there was Audi’s performance Q3, whose sound made us think it still used the same 2.5-liter engine, although it looked different from an RS model. Mercedes brought its army to the track as well, they include the GLE, GLB, G63, GLC 63 and EQC. All of them are the company’s new crossovers.

Meanwhile, BMW is working on a new version of its M2 coupe that will pack more power than before. The all-new M3 is also under development, as well as the M8, which should become the automaker’s most radical model.

Lastly, BMW’s sports-car-making ally – Toyota – joined the show with its Supra GR. The performance model is more powerful, has sticky tires, larger brakes, and a stiffer frame, bringing it close enough to the level of a race car.

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