Nissan to Launch a Longer-Range Leaf

A new version of Nissan Leaf is apparently happening. According to the company’s Friday press release revealing the pricing details of 2019 models, this new version will come with a longer range.

Nissan masked the announcement of the new hatchback with prices it informed us for the 2019 model year Leafs. The press release actually also intended to tell us that “a longer-range version will be available in the future.”

It’s likely that what the automaker meant was the E-Plus variant packing a 160 kW battery. With 60 kW more power compared to the regular Leaf, the new hatchback would be able to go as far as 225 miles, better than the current model with a 150-mile range.

The acceleration would be faster too, taking 6.5 seconds to reach 60mph, as opposed to the current 8.5 time. The new Leaf would also be equipped with a thermal management system, plus DC quick charge capabilities of 100 kW.

These improvements are for the alleged Nissan Leaf E-Plus. As for the 2019 Leaf, we see no changes in features. Pricing is also the same as the previous generation; the base Leaf S costs from $29,990, the SV from $32,490, and the SL from $36,200. But make no mistake, even in an unchanging form, the Leaf remains the best-selling electric car in the world. The 348,000 sales have proven that.

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