Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Can Still Impress You

Few fast automobiles in Japan are more respected than the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34. And few people are lucky enough to drive a good example of the car. Among those with such luck is Autocar.

By its age, the Skyline GT-R R34 can probably be categorized as a modern classic. It’s pretty aged, and what Autocar presents in the video here is more than just a normal review. Rather, it’s like a tribute to the heritage of the deeply respected machine.

The soul of the GT-R R34 lies under its hood, namely the RB26 engine that also motivated the R32 and R33 generations of the Skyline. The 2.6-liter mill comes with six-cylinders and two turbochargers. In its regular form, the GT-R R34 cranks out 330 horsepower without much effort; while in a limited-edition disguise like the Z-Tune, the car makes more than 500 horsepower with its bigger 2.8-liter heart.

Different from many sports cars of today, the GT-R R34 put on its pace uses a six-speed manual transmission. Not only it’s quick, but also responsive and has likeable accelerator and brake pedals. In addition, the R34 features a digital screen showing all the important information about a variety of vehicle systems. No other cars on sale at that time had something like that. In the video below you can also see a GT-R R35 being driven, which is a Litchfield-tuned example.

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