New Bugatti SUV Car is Not Gonna Happen

As we know, Bugatti is not joking at all about its idea of adding a new model to its lineup. The French supercar maker is looking for sufficient financing to develop a completely new and different machine than before. However, it may not be the kind of machine you expect. No, it’s not an SUV, as confirmed by Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann when speaking to CAR Magazine.

It’s also very unlikely that the car will be a luxurious limo. Because Bugatti must be more aware than us that traditional limos don’t generate enough demand. Of course, there are people who like limos, but most of them, “especially women, want to sit high so they can see out.” So, if this car is to be built, it would be a high-riding limo or something like that, which sounds really weird.

A more plausible thought is that Bugatti might want to make some kind of SUV, but it’s not really an SUV. Rather, it could be a sporty crossover which has a higher seating position than a sedan, while its body is less boxy and lower than a traditional SUV. That’s what CAR Magazine predicted. We don’t know for certain what kind of vehicle it is, but it’s definitely something interesting to look forward to.

One thing that’s clear for now is that the car won’t be affordable. Since it’s a Bugatti, it must have a staggering sticker price. Winkelmann himself said his company wants to give the vehicle a price tag of $1 million. We’re pretty sure that this new car will be the most powerful in its class, although it won’t surpass the Chiron in any way.

“The Chiron will always be on top,” that’s what Winkelmann said. To get further clarity about the upcoming Bugatti, it seems we’ll have to wait until the next few years. Reports said the high-riding vehicle will make its debut in 2023 with an annual production volume limited to around 800 units.

Source: CAR Magazine

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