Mini Cooper Supercar Rendered, Too Cool To Be True

If there’s an automaker that would never ever launch a supercar, it’s Mini. That’s what most motorheads believe. But a rendering from The Sketch Monkey probably tries to tell us a different thing. It shows that the automaker’s design language is actually in harmony with the style of a supercar. Just look at the radical appearance of the rendering, you’ll find it hard to believe that it’s a Mini. It’s unlike any of the company’s other cars.

Nevertheless, those unique headlights clearly belong to a Mini; because only a Mini has headlights with such a shape and an aura. Although they’ve been altered to unintentionally look like those found on a Porsche 911, they still retain a strong Mini flavor.

Another thing that fascinates us about the car is its proportions. Its short bonnet gives it some resemblance to the Alpine A110’s front fascia. Moreover, it features long and narrow side windows stretching to a short rear trunk lid with nearly no overhang past the rear wheels.

Certainly, this thing only exists in someone’s wildest dream about Mini. There’s no way such a vehicle will ever be produced. At its own class, it’s just too cool to become a reality. It would be like a car from another planet if it ever joined the British marque’s lineup. Not even parent company BMW is apparently interested in producing a supercar since the death of the historic M1, let alone Mini.

BMW is currently satisfied with the existence of the new M8, so it finds no reason why making a supercar is necessary. A few months ago, the German automaker has unveiled its Vision M Next concept that was rumored to enter production as a sports car with a hybrid powertrain producing around 600 horsepower. There has been no confirmation regarding the rumor, though.

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