Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen 250GD Wolf Beautifully Restored

A new custom-built Mercedes G-Wagen has come to amaze our eyes. Guess who’s responsible behind this car’s customization? They’re none other than the Expedition Motor Company who is dedicated in the restoration of the classic ‘Wolf’.

This particular model is a 1991 250GD, the restoration of which took over 1,000 hours. That’s actually unsurprising given the level of difficulty of the job. The Wolf started life as a military vehicle before receiving the magic touch from the American car restoration service that transforms it into a comfortable off-road machine.

If you are looking for something radical about this car, you won’t find it, because it’s simply a visually-improved form of the old G-Wagen. It sports new LED headlights and taillights, as well as steel guards for the fender-mounted turn signal indicators, a snorkel and a jerry-can carrier at the back.

The vehicle also gets an air lift kit that enables air lifting by a helicopter just in case needed. The kit is well installed on the sides with reinforcing steel parts strengthening it from the inside. This somewhat respects the characteristics of the original Geländewagen which had military specifications.

The restoration process involved stripping down the donor car to the chassis and inspecting all of its sub assemblies before being rebuilt, refinished, or replaced as needed. Large parts underwent a metal-cleaning process to completely remove rust from them. After that, an anti-corrosive metal primer was applied to make sure that the rust won’t come back.

To increase the durability of the frame and other important parts, a powder coating finish was given to them. As for the body, it receives a professional paint job with high-quality car paint.

Each made-of-rubber part was replaced with a new one to guarantee a perfect build quality, while the suspension system is renewed with Eibach springs and modern Bilstein shock absorbers to produce a stable ride comfort on pretty much all terrain.

Originality is much loved in this model, especially for essential parts like the heart, which will give its owner some nostalgic feel. So, the car is still powered by the original 2.5-liter five-cylinder OM602 diesel engine that was totally remade with new seals, gaskets, belts, pumps, and others. The Wolf’s five-speed manual transmission is also there. This whole build cost $92,150, which is expensive but proportional to the quality it offers.

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