It’s time to get acquainted with the Zedro Notorious. That’s indeed the right moniker for this quite big car. If Notorious or Zedro sounds strange to you, that’s fine, because we’re talking about a new Lebanese carmaker based in the UAE. According to words on its website, the company’s goal is to build “a comfortable, convenient, and reliable exotic car.”

Well, now you probably think that such a lofty goal and a name like Notorious doesn’t make a good connection. In spite of that, Zedro has so far managed to sell five Notorious cars – according to Top Gear. The model itself is currently being displayed at the 2019 Dubai Motor Show. In total, the company plans to produce 100 units of the Notorious.

The car makes 1,250 hp and that’s a lot. In case you’re curious about what this machine has under its skin, it actually shares the same bones as the Infiniti G37. In other words, it’s also motivated by the identical V6 engine.

After knowing this, it seems like some will start questioning about reliability, since the car is an Infiniti – even its cockpit too. That’s actually no problem, not until the machine is trying to enter the supercar realm. This contradicts the whole lot information known about Infiniti as the automaker never created a V6 which makes 1,250 hp. But that’s where the Lebanese carmaker wants to prove itself as a capable manufacturer of great vehicles.

Zedro can simply install a wide range of custom upgrades to the Notorious to unleash its wildest potential. That will make a top-of-the-line model with an insane twin-turbo variant of Infiniti’s V6. It enables the car to hit 62 mph in around 3.4 seconds. If reliability is what you want, however, the base model with an unobtrusive dash time of 5.2 seconds is almost certainly the best choice.

The body will undoubtedly be Zedro-built, with fiberglass or carbon fiber can be the material choice depending on the grade. The company says on its website that buyers can customize the interior material, headlights, taillights, and wheels according to their tastes.

Each of the Notorious is built to be unique in some way, that’s what Zedro promises. When you buy the car, keep in mind that it’s basically an Infiniti G37, so it will carry that title. The good thing about this is that.. it makes it easy to register the vehicle and get insurance.

There are no details yet on how much the Notorious will cost, but Top Gear estimates the price at around $65,000. We think that would make sense for a starting price only. Because you know, for a supercar with carbon fiber and 1,250 horsepower to be sold for that amount of money would be very astonishing, not to mention that it would a bit worrying as well, to be honest. There’s no information on availability either, though Zedro allows interested shoppers to ask questions via its website.

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