Lotus Evija Electric Hypercar is Happening?

Some people didn’t like the codename of Lotus’ upcoming all-electric hypercar when it was first mentioned in the company’s plan back in April. The British automaker called it the Type 130. However, the name will likely become a thing of the past soon, as a new moniker has apparently been given to the hypercar.

As reported by Auto Express, Lotus has registered in the UK a trademark for “Evija”, a name which allegedly belongs to the automaker’s upcoming electric hypercar. Evija itself is in accordance with Lotus’ propensity for giving its road-going cars names starting with the letter E.

The UK’s Intellectual Property Office lists the trademark under a number of classes including “land vehicles, parts and fittings for land vehicles”, “repair and maintenance of vehicles, custom built construction of vehicles”, and “engineering services, vehicle and engine design services.”

Actually, we’re not entirely sure yet that the Lotus Type 130 will use the name Evija, since it’s still unconfirmed. It could be the name of another car, but there’s no doubt that Evija is a good moniker here.

Little details have been revealed about the upcoming electric hypercar. Lotus said it will have a limited production of 130 units, each of which will likely command a seven-figure price tag. The EV will make its debut in July, with deliveries slated to begin next year. Earlier this month, a teaser image was released showing the panel that covers the vehicle’s charging port.

The Lotus Evija (if that’s how it will really be called), is being built with one goal in mind, that is to reestablish Lotus’ image as an excellent alternative to Ferrari and Porsche, both of which are embracing electrification in a rather unhurried manner.

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